Rottnest Island Authority

The mission of the Rottnest Island Museum is to acquire, conserve, communicate and exhibit material that demonstrates the significant aspects of Rottnest Island's natural environment, including surrounding waters, and its cultural history for the purpose of study, education and enjoyment. The Rottnest Island Authority is committed to helping people develop an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of Rottnest Island; minimising human impact on the Island; and emphasising the significance and fragility of the Island to reinforce appropriate behaviour.


The collection reflects themes on the natural environment, maritime history, transport, the penal establishment, the boys' reformatory, the pilot service, communication, military heritage, agriculture, salt collection, social and family life on the Island, recreational use and the Island's development as a holiday destination. Themes date from the geological formation of the Island to its present day uses. Many of the artefacts in the Museum are on loan from the history and maritime departments of the Western Australian Museum. The Rottnest Island Authority is grateful for their valued assistance. The Rottnest Island Museum also houses a wealth of historical photographs and a research and public reading library.