National Museum of Australian Pottery

The National Museum of Australian Pottery is the only Museum dedicated to 19th and early 20th century Australian pottery and is the culmination of many years of collecting and research throughout Australia.

Inside Museum
  • National Museum of Australian Pottery Building


On display are over 1,200 pieces of domestic pottery from over 120 Australian pottery companies established between European settlement and the end of World War I, (1918).

Amongst the extensive range of pottery wares, such as simple preserving jars, jugs, colourful cheese covers, beautiful bread plates and elegantly decorated water filters are a few rare examples of pottery made by the convict potter Jonathan Leak, who’s few surviving pieces are the earliest marked pottery produced in Australia.

Also on display are over 100 original photographs, showing the interior and exterior of many potteries, exhibition displays and portraits of the potters along with catalogues, price lists, potters tools and numerous old advertisements.

The collection represents in many ways the struggle, courage and determination by many of our early potters whom, often under difficult circumstances produced basic and decorative domestic pottery, frequently with spectacular results. It covers the whole spectrum of domestic wares used in and around 19th and early 20th century homes throughout Australia, and affords the visitor a unique opportunity to further their knowledge and appreciation of our early Australian pottery heritage.