Eureka Museum and Montrose Historic Cottage

John Alexander, stonemason of Montrose Scotland, arrived in Ballarat, 1853, to build real history just 900 metres from the site of the 1854 Eureka Stockade, where the miners stood their ground against the harsh gold tax imposed by the government. In its middle class simple living style, Montrose captures our Celtic inheritance. Faithfully restored, Montrose is beautifully authentic, presenting an excellent portrayal of the personal trials and tribulations of our forebears. It now remains as possibly the finest restoration example of an authentic goldfields building, extant in Victoria. Today, it is; classified by the National Trust of (Vic) Australia, on the Australian Heritage Listing, listed 108 with Heritage Buildings Council of Australia, multi Tourism Award Winner. The cottage garden is another gem, with old roses, herbs, fuschias, cradling an enormous old apple tree which still produces big red juicy apples. An associated feature is The Eureka Museum.


Estimated up to 600 items, plus photographs. Social history. Eureka Rebellion. Women of Eureka. Ever changing exhibitions, including; weapons, tools, household pieces, irons, ironware, lighting and a concise collection of the Chinese on the Ballarat diggings.