H. B. Lamb Early Transport Buggy Museum

A variety of restored horse drawn vehicles are displayed in the H. B. Lamb Early Transport Museum. The collection includes carriages, buggies and wagons, many of which are housed in a historic (1868) flour mill. Also at the museum is a Victa Lawn Mower collection and history. In the words of H.B Lamb "my first Victa Lawn Mower was sold on the 23rd of October in 1956 and they were a (Boomer) wonder-full lawn mower and I am still keeping some of the 1956 & 57 models in working order. If the owner was careful and made sure of using the right fuel, they had a lawn mower that would last them a long time. In the early 1957's the most problems that occurred was repairing blades even though the operator was careless the mower stood up to all the abuse they gave it. My comment is that, no mower of today would come up to anywhere near the 1950's models and I hope that this correspondence is of some benefit to your museum."


A collection of horse drawn vehicles dating back to 1850.