Eric Thomas Gallery Museum

Created by Mr. Eric Thomas. The main feature of the Gallery Museum is its Photographic collection dating from 1890's. It shows people and places on the west coast of Tasmania, with an extensive display on the mount Lyell diaster, which claimed 42 lives. Other displays include old lamps, silver china, coins, tools and hospital artefacts. Household items and clothing, right down to grandma's undies. There are 22 rooms to roam through with more to open in the future. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee (small donation) while watching video's on the west coast.


Over 900 photographs plus artefacts. A 1912 mine disaster display. Early days of Mt Lyell and Queenstown, Zeehan, Strahan, Rosebery, Gormanston. Memorabilia on household goods, Mt Lyell, hospitals, lodge, medical, telephones, war, china and minerals. Original railway survey, building section plans, tickets etc.