Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania Inc

SPAT is an incorporated organisation whose aim is to indetify collect and preserve recorded sound and associated equipment. We are located in the old Bellerive heritage post office building located on Hobart’s Eastern shore 10 minutes from the city by bus or ferry. Our collection consists of wireless sets, graphophones, gramophones, recording equipment and sound memorabilia. All kinds of records from Edison cylinders to CD’s, printed material relating to artist and technical data for people interested in restoration. Also we have a large collection or oral history we have recorded over 22 years.


Large numbers of old valve radios, mechanical sound devices, reel to reel tape recorders - wire recorders, 10/12 inch 78 RPM discs, 10/12 inch LP's and stereo discs, cassettes, tapes, Edison cylinders - local and overseas, photographs - local identities and places. Books on sound and film. Also large collection of locally recorded oral history items. We have a Gulbransen Pianola in working order. Lots of records and casettes for sale. Most of our gramophones from Edison onwards in full working order