Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary

Chauncy Vale, which was gazetted as a Tasmanian wildlife sanctuary in 1946, is located 40 Km north of Hobart and 4 Km east of the town of Bagdad. It is recognised as a valuable heritage and natural environment site. The house of Chauncy Vale named "Day Dawn" was the home of the distinguished Tasmanian children's author, Nan Chauncy (1900-1970). It has been opened to the public as a small Museum to display all her published children's books and their translations and her memorabilia and the furnishings of her time.


This bushland home of Tasmanian author Nan Chauncy has been opened as a small Museum to present a display of all 12 of her published children's novels, their translations, her children's book awards and her memorabilia. The house which has never had electricity has kept her furnishings of the 1960's.