Rosny Farm

The Rosny Historic Centre, located in the heart of Rosny Park, comprises Rosny Barn, Rosny Cottage and Schoolhouse Gallery. The barn, one of the oldest in Australia, is an impressive example of early stone construction built around 1815. The Rosny Barn is a cultural arts facility where we hold concerts, exhibitions and art related activities. Rosny Cottage was built around 1850 and has been home to farmers, labourers and greenkeepers. The cottage is furnished to recreate the atmosphere of Tasmanian homes in the early part of the last century. The Schoolhouse Gallery is a contemporary replica of an old schoolhouse and is used as a public gallery. Rosny Farm is adjacent to the Rosny Gold Club in Rosny Park.

Rosny Cottage c.1850


The Rosny collection comprises approximately 3000 items including domestic technology, books and periodicals, pharmaceutical items, wallpaper, community archival records and some farming equipment. The collection contains good examples of some of the changes in domestic technology in the first half of the 20th Century and the display considers some of the ways these changes affected home life. War correspondent, Neil Davis was a frequent visitor to the cottage in the 1930's and a small collection of his early photographs depicts the Lane family who lived in the cottage and tended to the golf course on site