Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art

The Samstag Museum of Art is located on North Terrace at the University of South Australia's city west campus. It is a world-class facility, featuring three elegant exhibition galleries over two levels. The Museum has the capacity to present a diverse range of high-quality visual art exhibitions of broad interest, excellence and educational value. The Museum presents a changing program of exhibitions, encompassing cutting-edge contemporary art, historical survey exhibitions and the excitement of new-media practices. The Samstag Museum manages the UniSA Art Collection. The Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art is named in honour of two distinguished benefactors to Australian culture, whose remarkable bequest is administered through UniSA.


The Samstag Museum of Art aims to stimulate, challenge and engage its audiences with a program of exhibitions, as well as through community activities and events that add depth and variety to the visual arts and cultural life of South Australia. Through its programs, over time, it is the goal of the Samstag Museum to inform and educate audiences on the nature and diversity of contemporary visual art practice, and on the discourses, thinking and issues that drive developments in this dynamic zone of modern-day culture. Our wide-ranging program of exhibitions encompasses cutting-edge contemporary art, craft and design, historical survey exhibitions and the excitement of new-media practices. The program includes national travelling exhibitions and showcases South Australia’s own rich visual arts culture. Publications have long been an integral part of the Samstag Museums programs and many of its exhibitions are accompanied by a catalogue, and/or publications that support the Samstag Museums educational programs. Samstag Museum of Art publications are available for purchase through the Museum. Museum activities and events are designed to complement the exhibitions, provide opportunities for involvement in exploring the arts, and discovering new communities and new worlds of interest. The Samstag Museum of Art warmly welcomes school and educational groups to visit its exhibitions.