The Brocas Historical Museum

Historical Museum. 1840's two storey house with tower built by John Newman, an old Etonian. Four outbuildings and garden. General articles of history of the community, Victorian furniture, a 1/2 scale model of the "Endeavour", photographs, the services memorabilia, children's toys, special displays, lace, tools of trades, carpentry teacher aids, laundry, wireless. In large pavilion 2 fire engines, Holden cars, interactive workshop, joinery, machinery, interactive Woodville station railway signal equipment. In upstairs of house - year 2002, special display "below decks" of HMS Investigator, historical maps, artefacts of Flinders and Baudin Encounter 1802. Holden's whistle (start and knock off) small library and booklets research.


Books, Community history, memorabilia, the services (police, firemen and defence), includes copy of the surrender of WWII by Japan. Community and City of Woodville photographs, social history artefacts. Victorian furniture, books of trades (main employment western area of Adelaide). Interactive workshop joinery machinery and railway signal equipment - Holden cars and fire appliances.