Bon Accord Mine Complex

The museum is a National Trust property. It is located on the remains of the Bon Accord Mine site and incorporates the original mine office and workshop (c1859) The Bon Accord Mine commenced operations in 1846 and ceased in 1863. There were many years of inactivity during this period as no payable copper deposits were found. The display in the mine office includes boards with comprehensive information, photographs, mining relics, ore samples and the office pay table from the Monster (Burra Burra) Mine. There are two models featured in the museum - one of a Horsewhim, the other of "Monster Mine" and the above ground structures which existed there in 1858. This model measures 7 metres x 5 metres is built to the scale of 1 to 87 and occupies an entire room. The Blacksmith Shop is fully operational, it includes the Forge of typical Cornish design and original elephant hide bellows. Housed in the pump shed is a shaft of the Bon Accord mine which is illuminated and viewed from the railings surrounding it. The outdoor includes a Horsewhim Core, Waterwheel hub and other pieces of mining equipment.


Mining Relics, Memorabilia, Photographs, Ore Samples and models relevant to the Burra copper mining area. 1845-1877.