Camden Historical Museum

Camden Historical Society was formed in 1957. It concentrates on the history of the town of Camden and the surrounding district. It developed, and runs, the Camden Historical Museum. The Society publishes a journal and monographs, hold monthly meetings and provides guides to groups visiting the district. It holds an extensive archival collection whch is available to those wishing to undertake research. Membership is about 150; there are no paid staff.


The Museum is divided broadly into three parts. The first covers Aboriginal prehistory, early exploration, land grants, the establishment of the town of Camden and surrounding villages, and later developments. The second part deals with social history, mainly of the twentieth century. The third section is a large collection of objects dealing with trades and professions over two centuries. All parts are supported by extensive archival material. Objects, photos, maps and library publications are all on computer databases. 2000 Objects, photographs and maps. Domestic, trade, industry and commercial objects (approx. 2000). Photographs (approx. 1000). Maps (approx. 70).