Sulphide Street Stations Railway & Historical Museum

The Railway Museum is run by a voluntary trust and consists of two acres of land in the centre of Broken Hill. The original stone railway station building of the Silverton Tramway Company of 1905 is full of old records and photos of the company's operations from 1888 until 1970. There are also rolling-stock and locomotives of the era, as well as a hospital museum and mineral collection from the Triple Chance Mine.


The station building is packed with photographs, books and records of the Silverton Tramway Co Ltd used in the operation of the private railway company which ran from Broken Hill to the South Australian border for 82 years. Also on site is the Silver City comet train set, built by NSW Railways in 1937 and which ran between Broken Hill and Parkes for 52 years. STC Loc Mo1-1888.