Hunters Hill Historical Society Museum

It is a fine example of a local history museum, well housed in premises attached to the Hunters Hill Town Hall, with objects displayed mainly in glass cabinets. The archives section is unfortunately very small, comprising shelving and steel filing cabinets. Files are kept in archive boxes, on book shelves and in the standard office type filing cabinets. The collection (material objects and ephemera) reflects aspects of local community life and environment. Hunters Hill, sometimes referred to as the "French Village", is a garden suburb of Sydney, where Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers form a significant part of the natural environment. The built environment, is predominantly made up of single family dwellings. A significant number of these are sandstone buildings from the second half of the 19th century showing the influence of the French developers of that time and the Italian stonemasons and builders who worked and lived in the area.


Approximately 400 items, 200 photographs, 50 books. The collection reflects the social and pictorial history of Hunters hill. Objects include furniture, decorative items, domestic effects, clothing and accessories. Pictorial history is mainly in the form of photographs, paintings and maps. There are council records, lands directories and reference books, files. The collection comprises furniture, decorative items, domestic effects, clothing, accessories, few local club trophies and memorabilia in the form of medals, children's games, family Bible's and sewing implements. All such items are locally sourced, most having been given to the museum and some being on loan. None have been bought. The museum also has an extensive pictorial collection, mainly in the form of photographs (houses and people) paintings, maps, Sands Directories, files on families, houses, streets, etc., and reference books on local history. There is a series of 16ml films on Hunters Hill and a small collection of oral histories recorded with old time residents.