Dobell House

Dobell House, on the shores of lake Macquarie at Wangi Wangi was the home and studio of Sir William Dobell, the world famous Australian artist.

Dobell purchased the house "Allowah" from his father's estate in 1942 so that his sister Alice, would have a home. Dobell moved to Wangi in 1945, after the court case which followed his award of the 1942 Archibald Prize for his controversial portrait of fellow artist, Joshua Smith. Dobell lived and painted here until his death in 1970.

Dobell House, heritage listed on the Register of the National Estate, is owned and operated by the Sir William Dobell Memorial Committee, a completely volunteer-based organisation, first set up in 1970 to purchase the house from Dobell's estate, with the vision to create a museum gallery to honor his memory and artistic genius.

Dobell House contains original furniture, memorabilia and family mementos. There are some small original works and a central exhibition: "Dobell, His Life and Art" which displays over 200 images of his work and gives an insight into his amazing career and talent.

In Dobell's studio, visitors can stand in his shoes by his easel and reflect on the genius of Australia's greatest portrait painter and world renowned artist.


Dobell memorabilia, Dobell's studio, small originals, over 300 images of Dobell's works.