Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon

Items of interest were collected as part of 'Dr Bradfield's Museum' which, in 1932, was installed in the South-West Pylon and was open to the public at weekends and public holidays. In 1982 material from the Museum was moved to the South-East Pylon in conjunction with the Lookout. Historical papers, photos and memorabilia on the building of Sydney Harbour Bridge are on display at the bridge. The exhibition includes video material of the bridge being built and harbour tunnel footage. Collection significance statement available at:


The Sydney Harbour Bridge South-East Pylon Museum Collection is an exhibition of items which relate to the construction and official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The items in the collection are as follows: 1. Dorman Long and Company Letterhead 2. Ganger's Timebook 3. Pyrometer 4. Two Hand-Written Notebooks 5. Sample of the 50mm thick silicon steel (as used in the webs of the lower chords in the Bridge arch) 6. Piece of arch Web Plate (as used on the Sydney Harbour Bridge) - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 7. Nine Rivets (of various sizes) 8. Ten Steel Shavings (left over from the fabrication of the Bridge steelwork) 9. POLDI Hardness Tester 10. Dial Gauge 11. Forged Steel Nut and Section of Bolt 12. Three Samples of Tensile and Bend Tests - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 13. Splayed Extremity of an Anchorage Cable Socket - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 14. Sample of Arch Support Anchorage Cable - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 15. Fifteen samples of Rivet Testing - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 16. Bridge Walker's Certificate 17. Special Issue of 'The Sydney Mail' with Harbour Bridge Supplement 18. Certificate of Appreciation 19. Autographed Souvenir Menu and Order of Proceedings for Bridge Banquet 20. The Official Souvenir and Programme of Opening Day Celebrations 21. Invitation Card for Thanksgiving Service 22. Invitation to the Lord Mayor's Ball 23. Two copies of the Opening Ceremony Publication 24. Invitation to Official Guests for the Bridge Opening 25. Programme of the Official Opening Ceremony 26. Invitation from NSW Governor to Bridge Opening Garden Party 27. Tin and Celluloid Picture of Bridge (with train and steamship) 28. Decorative Glass Butter Dish 29. Tin and Celluloid Picture of Bridge and Ferry 30. Brass Flower Vase 31. Cut Work Doily 32. Sterling Silver Letter Opener 33. Sydney Harbour Bridge Ashtray 34. Personal Scrapbook 35. Moulded Plaster Image of the Bridge 36. Commemorative Matchbox Cover 37. Two Copies of 'Parables of Sydney Harbour Bridge' 38. Copy of 'The Second Bridge Book' - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 39. Pictorial Souvenir of the Bridge Opening Day Celebrations 40. Copy of 'The Home' Magazine, March 1932 41. Postcard Showing Floral Float 42. Envelope with Harbour Bridge Opening Day Postmark and Stamp 43. Copy of 'Atkinsons Souvenir Bridge Book' 44. Reproduction of CJ Dennis Poem 45. Nine Souvenir Floral Procession Badges 46. Ten Bicentennial Paintings by Schoolchildren - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 47. Two Screen Printed Textile Tapestries of the 'Lifesaver' Bridge Poster 48. Plywood Model of the Junction of the Two Half Arches - CURRENTLY IN BRIDGECLIMB MUSEUM 49. Wooden framed original "Commemorative Scroll. Opening Sydney Harbour Bridge March 19th 1932" (760x990). (Added 28/7/04) 50. Wooden framed photograph of workman posed across the roadway between the sandstone pylons with the bridge in the background (625x260). (Added 28/7/04)