St Thomas' Anglican Church

Convict built church commenced 1824, also surgeon's dispensary (now chapel) and surgeon's residence both built between 1821 and 1823. All furnishings of cedar, including box pews. Several items dating from early 1800's others from 1824 onwards. Church hill oldest site in Port Macquarie. Grave of Captain Rolland under front N.E. box pew (first supervisor of convicts building the church). An exquisite open string spiral cedar staircase in tower. There are many unusual (because of age mostly) and beautiful objects in our church, perhaps the most outstanding is the stained glass window of St Thomas installed 1906. The high pulpit with winding staircase said to be worth a king's ransom; also a clarionet in the muniments room which is quite unique, being made of wood in Stuggart before 1800.


Early church (1860), ground plans of church, convict memorabilia, musical instruments; historic furniture, photographs of early vicars, letters from and to early dignitaries, etc.