Hou Wang Temple

Atherton Chinatown is the site chosen in Far North Queensland by Chinese migrants in the 1880's to build a settlement. The only buildings to remain are the Hou Wang Temple (built 1902/3) and the meeting hall. The temple is now the only one of its type and the only one that exists dedicated to Hou Wang outside China. The temple was built in 1903 to traditional Chinese design, complete with imported Chinese carvings and intricate decorations. Adjoining the temple is a meeting hall, kitchen and store. Major building, artefact and site conservation was completed in 2002 following receipt of a $1.3 million Government grant. Atherton is located just over an hour drive south-west of Cairns. Atherton Chinatown is 1km from the Atherton Post Office along the Herberton Road. The National Trust of Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed to identify, preserve and promote Queensland's heritage.


The collection includes many rare wood carvings and original fittings that were made in China especially for this temple. Agricultural tools and domestic items are displayed in the interpretive museum. A world-first artefact scanner is available to visitors in the museum along with oral and written histories.