King Cottage Museum - Bunbury Historical Society

King Cottage was built around 1880 by Henry KING, a bricklayer by trade. The King family owned the house until 1923, when it was sold to the CARLSON family. In 1966 it was purchased by the City of Bunbury, which has leased it to the Bunbury Historical Society since that date.

The main rooms of the cottage are furnished to fit the period of the KING family ownership, from 1880s to the 1920s. The artifacts displayed are part of the Society's collection and reflect the way of life of a Bunbury family of that period.

Browse around the sheds and view an interesting collection of objects, including : Maritime items, Wheeled Vehicles, small farm machinery and tools, Laundry equipment, Butter making equipment, etc.

Two rooms on the western side of the cottage are used for varying displays. These include : Costume and linen, Photographs and photography equipment, Documents and books, etc.


Over 6,000 items, including period clothing, linen, household and agricultural objects, documents, photographs, information files etc.