Western Australia Museum, Perth

Established in 1891, the Perth Museum concentrated on geological, biological and anthropological research and exhibitions for its first 80 years, with the addition of post-settlement history in the 1970s. Located in the Perth Cultural Centre, the Museum is housed in several important historical buildings, of which the Old Gaol, built in the 1850s is the oldest. A modern museum building was added in 1971. The museum is currently the Western Australian Museum's centre for research in the natural sciences (fauna, fossils, minerals and meteorites), although its exhibitions encompasses natural science, anthropology and social history.


Natural science collection estimated at 2,330,000 specimens comprising 305,000 aquatic zoology specimens; 296,000 terrestrial invertebrate specimens; 186,000 terrestrial vertebrate specimens; 1,543,000 fossil, mineral and meteorite specimens; 20,000 colour slides; Anthropology 15,000; Australian and Foreign History 55,000.