Merredin Museum and Historical Society

The museum complex comprises four main buildings, an entrance and parcels office circa 1923; signal box with 95 levers circa 1913; ladies and men's waiting rooms circa 1917; and a refreshment room and bar circa 1923 with bar circa 1906. Main collection areas are the railway history of the Merredin area; Merredin's social, agricultural, mining and war (1939-45) history; and a large doll collection. Garden surrounds include a waterfall (the only one between Perth and Adelaide); fish ponds where children are encouraged to feed fish; and an overhead water tank from which steam engines were filled, which was in use from 1893. Merredin's Fine Art Society uses the Refreshment Room building as its studio and for TAFE art classes.


The collection includes farming machinery, memorabilia of 2/1st army general hospital, contempory art objects, photography of the development of the Merredin area - its rail and social history since the 1890's.