The Leonora Gwalia Historical Museum Ltd

A very large historical precinct of mining equipment and buildings (commissioned by Herbert Hoover, 1896) and restored houses, shop and boarding house in the town of Gwalia. The Museum has a excellent display of photographs, business and household equipment from 100 years of mining. This History blends with the modern open cut mining of the sons of Gwalia mine which the Museum overlooks. The state hotel and mine managers residence are impressive buildings against the simple timber and iron structures of Gwalia.


1 000 photographs and 2 000 items record the history of mining and the people of Leonora and Gwalia 1896-1963. These are housed in 3 original brick buildings (1898) Machinery includes the original Oregon framed poppet head 1898), The largest steam winder in Australia (1912). A precinct of old miners cottages and business buildings rewards the lives of workers during the 1900's.