University of Western Australia Callaway Centre

The Callaway Centre is an international research centre based in the School of Music at The University of Western Australia. The Centre promotes study and research for the advancement of musicology, music education, music psychology and ethnomusicology. As the conceptual home of music scholarship at the University it has developed a sophisticated research infrastructure to support its important archival collections.

The Centre is a research hub that develops and supports interdisciplinary scholarship in music, and extends its teaching-research nexus through national and international collaborations.


The Callaway Centre Archive is the repository of a number of unique music-related archival collections, including the personal papers of notable musicians and educators such as Sir Frank Callaway, famed English ethnomusicologist John Blacking, celebrated Western Australian pianist Eileen Joyce, English concert pianist and teacher Irene Kohler, and band master Hugh McMahon who was one of Australia’s most significant contributors to band music culture in the period 1897 to 1944.. In addition to personal papers the Archive houses the Handa Collection, a significant example of a formed collection created by the collecting passions of Australian, Peter Burgis, over a 50 year period.