Flypast Museum of Australian Army Flying Ltd.

The museum is part of the Army Museum's Network and records the history of aviation in the Australian Army. A visit to the museum will take you back in time to see how Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines progressed from the Boxkite to the present day.

Cessna 180

The aim of the Museum of Australian Army Flying is to acquire, restore, maintain and display aircraft, equipment, material and documents relating to Australian Army flying since its inception in 1912. Importance is also placed on preservation of the history of No. 6 Airport Depot RAAF, the original military unit located at Oakey Airfield. Other aircraft on display include Auster, Cessna, Winjeel, Porter, Kiowa and Sioux. The museum is located at Oakey in Queensland, approximately two and a half hours drive West of Brisbane on the Warrego Highway. It is well sign posted and is about 4 km to the North of Oakey.

  • Bell UH-1 Iroquois
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Aircraft and memorabilia relating to the earliest days of military flying in Australia. The Australian Flying Corps(AFC) and Central Flying School at Point Cook were army units until the Australian Air Force was formed in 1921. The army re-entered the field of aviation after WW2, with pilots training in England and at Bankstown, in Sydney. Air Observation Post (AOP) aircraft were used mainly for artillery spotting. In 1960 the Army became owner/operators again with both technical and flying training taken over by the RAAF. Aircraft and memorabilia, some of which are unique, represent this whole spectrum of army aviation activity from 1914 through to the present. Part of the history of the Oakey base is its wartime presence as the RAAF unit, No6 Aircraft Depot. Representing this history is a fully restored Australian designed and built CAC Boomerang fighter, recently donated to the museum.