Eidsvold Historical Complex

The town's main attraction the Historical Complex incorporates the George Schafer Collection of minerals, gems, bottles, antiquated tools, seven heritage buildings, a railway siding with old rolling stock, and interesting memorabilia. Schafer, who has collected for most of his life, is a joy to talk to. A typical country person, he can regale you with stories of how he collected his minerals or how he demolished and rebuilt the old slab Knockbreak Homestead.

Knockbreak Homestead is one of the major attractions. Built in 1859 or early 1860 by Guthrie Sinclair, it was moved to the present site and is a fine example of a pioneer's slab hut. George Schafer complains about the modern recreation at the end nearest the complex where unseasoned timber was used. He caustically observes that the wood has now shrunk and he is right. You can see between the slabs quite easily.


The museum also features early farming equipment as well as railway carriages and buildings.